Property Management Services in Covina, CA

Commercial, Individual, Apartments and Home Owners Association


  • ✓ Complete Financial Reports
  • ✓ In- house Computer System
  • ✓ Monthly Association Fee Billing
  • ✓ Delinquent Account Action
  • ✓ Budget Preparation
  • ✓ Tax Preparation
  • ✓ Attend Board Meetings
  • ✓ Property Inspections
  • ✓ Oversee All Contractors
  • ✓ Insurance Procurement
  • ✓ Renting, Leasing, Sales
  • ✓ 24- Hour Emergency Services
Property Inspections for rent
Financial Statements
Complete in-house accounting & computerized financials Qualified & experienced accounting personnel Statements include: operating statement, balance sheet, check reconciliation, payment transaction register, bank statements.
Constant attention to delinquent accounts In-house payment plans, as appropriate 45 day delinquency notification letter. Accounts sent to attorney for collection after 60 days. (Board member discretion)
Board Meetings
Attend Board of Directors meeting Board members will receive a Board package for each meeting. Package contains: agenda, minutes from prior meeting, complete financials, all correspondence, bids, liens, etc.
Monthly Association Fee Billing
Easy to read bill sent each month. Includes pre-addressed envelope for return payment. All payments logged upon receipt by mgt. office.
Bank Accounts
Each Association has a separate bank account in their name, checking and reserve account. Two signatures are required for all checks written. All Association fee payments are deposited directly into Association checking account.
Property Inspections/Maintenance
Inspections done as agreed between Board and Management. Maintenance items handled in a timely manner


Transition of management companies can be a very sensitive situation. We at Active Property Management realize this. When we are contracted to assume management responsibilities for an association, we do not initiate any changes in existing services or staff. We take an interim period to get better acquainted with the environment and the vendors. Then we can evaluate the needs of the association and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

We approach the responsibilities outlined here with commitment, integrity, dependability, and close attention to detail.

If you have any questions or would like to setup a meeting, please call Alexius Andujar at 626-712-6837. We look forward to working with you and your Association.